Make a complaint about a food business

You should report your complaint to Trading Standards instead of us if:

  • you feel the food does not live up to its description,
  • you have a complaint about the food labelling, or
  • for the sale of out of date products

We only deal with food premises based in the district.

Please note, we will investigate all areas of the premises in relation to the complaint, including practices and cleanliness, and take any action necessary to improve standard if and where required. However, we do not get involved with compensation claims you may take up with the place you are reporting.

By completing this form you agree:

  • to give evidence in court if you need to,
  • that the decision to take enforcement action rests with us,
  • that examination of the complaint may result in the destruction of the food, so you may not be able to use it as evidence if you decide to take civil action later.

We will not give out any of your personal details without your permission, unless we need to as part of legal proceedings.