Register for a watercraft membership


A permit will be offered to you by way of letter for the purposes of launching craft from the following locations, subject to the terms and conditions:

  • Neptune and Studd Hill (Hampton) - all permit holders other than Long Beach
  • Long Beach - Long Beach members only
  • Whitstable West Quay Beach - Harbour berth holders only

The permit is an agreement between Canterbury City Council Foreshore Services (the Council) and the main permit holder.

The registration fee for 2024 covers the period of 1 April 2024 to 31 March 2025.

No refunds will be provided unless such funds were taken in manifest error.

The council reserves the right to change the subscription fee from 1 March year on year.  At the end of the registration period the permit holder will have to renew the registration for the next period.  The fees will be decided as part of the normal council process for fees and charges.

The council does not accept instalment payments for the permit period.  The permit fee must be paid in full before the permit begins.

The council accepts no responsibility including but not limited for any damage caused to craft by way of tidal heights, movement due to wind and/or tide or change in sea bed levels around the slipways, vandalism, theft, launching or recovery, or the actions of other craft.

Any permit issued is for one craft only and is not transferable between multiple craft.

No PWC (Personal Watercraft - Jet Ski/Bikes) can launch before 7.30am and recovery must be by 9pm.

  1. To join the permit scheme all applicants must, as a minimum, hold the following qualifications*:
  • PWC (Jet Ski/Bikes) - RYA Personal Watercraft Proficiency (12 - 16 year olds must only use PWC under the supervision of a responsible and qualified adult)
  • Powerboats - minimum of RYA Powerboat Level 2 (minimum age of user is 12 years old)

*Spot checks will be completed at the time of application and proof of qualifications requested.  These documents must be available for inspection on the day

  1. Fishing boats -  no proof of qualifications are required but must only be used for fishing purposes only
  2. Each craft permit can have up to 4 additional members
  3. Registration numbers as supplied by the Council must be located in a clearly visible position on the watercraft
  4. Each additional member will receive a Permit ID card
  5. The Permit ID card must be carried by the permit holder for inspection by Council staff: failure to produce this may result in a refusal to launch
  6. One uniquely numbered key will be provided for each craft
  7. All users/members must, where practically possible, immediately lock the gate/barrier after passing through the same
  8. Permit holders are not to permit access to non-permit holders
  9. Permit holders are not to share or distribute their allocated barrier key
  10. If a replacement key is required you must apply to the Foreshore office and the applicable fee paid
  11. Be courteous to Council officials and members of the public and comply with all directions from Council staff
  12. Parking of cars and trailers on beach is not allowed
  13. Any inappropriate use of the Councils parking facilities and ANPR system will result in craft or individual permits being revoked
  14. Do not block the barriers/slipways
  15. No fuel to be stored on beach or promenade
  16. Transit lanes to be used strictly for leaving and entering the shore and other manoeuvres are not permitted. Criss crossing of the transit lane is strictly prohibited
  17. Jet skis/personal watercraft to comply with current noise regulations and silencers must not be removed
  18. Members will be required to limit jet ski engine noise when flushing out engines on shore
  19. Members/permit holders will be required to have Insurance with a minimum £3,000,000 third party liability including an appropriate extension of cover in respect of water ski-ing to be included.  Insurance documents must be available for inspection on the day
  20. Where an insurance policy is restricted to named riders and/or age restrictions, the permit holder will not allow any other rider to use the craft unless that rider has in place an insurance policy of at least the equivalent value
  21. The issuing of a permit does not permit use of the ramps unless insurance is held by the user
  22. An exception to all the above requirements is to be given to the Port Authority, Emergency Services, Lifeboat Vessels and any other craft with the appropriate prior permission in writing from Foreshore Services. This is likely to include those craft involved in any organised event where an event licence has been obtained
  23. All permit holders must consent to their details and personal data being processed by Canterbury City Council, for the list of club members being passed to either club and for all those with Datatags their information may be passed to Datatag or Police in order to prevent or detect crime
  24. All members must take extra care and look out for swimmers who may have entered the transit lanes in error - and to treat all other foreshore users with respect
  25. Where the conduct or actions of any permit holder is deemed to be in breach of the ‘Public Bathing’ and ‘Seaside Pleasure Boats’ byelaws, the Whitstable Harbour Byelaws, constitute a risk to themselves or any other person through inappropriate behaviour, or any relevant PSPO, offenders may have their craft or individual permits revoked by seven days notice in writing sent by first class post to the permit holder's last known address, on the expiration of which the permit will cease to have effect
  26. Failure to accord with these Terms and Conditions or to comply with any direction of a Council officer may result in craft or individual permits revoked by seven days notice in writing sent by first class post to the permit holder's last known address, on the expiration of which this permit will cease to have effect
  27. No refunds will be available for any permit that has been revoked
  28. It is the permit holders responsibility to keep their contact details up-to-date and inform Foreshore Service of any changes
  29. The Council does not accept any liability under or in connection with these terms and conditions including but not limited to arising out of breach of agreement. This clause shall not exclude or limit the liability of the Council for death or personal injury caused by the Council’s negligence, fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation  

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I confirm I hold the relevant qualifications and insurance and agree to the terms and conditions * *